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Our products are developed with the racer or track day enthusiast in mind. They are designed and supported in-house utilising the very latest design & development tools.

All BJR Technology products are designed to be recyclable wherever possible.

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All prices exclude delivery

Please note all prices exclude delivery
L-Sys 2 Digital Dash and Data Logger
The L-Sys 2 is an integrated Digital Dash and 10Hz Data Logger for use on any motor vehicle (car, bike, kart etc...)
L-Sys 2 'Club' Track Kit
A Complete Track Day / Kit Car Kit with everything you need to get you started out of the box
L-Sys 2 'Club' GPS Kit
A Complete Race Day Kit with GPS Lap Timing and Track Mapping everything you need to get started is included
Data Logger GPS Receiver
A 10Hz GPS receiver capable of logging of speed, lap timing, split timing, and track mapping. Cable Length = 4m
G-Sensor (3 Axis)
Log g-force figures during cornering, accelerating, and braking. Use the information to make performance gains.
Magnetic Wheel Speed Sensor
Picks up magnetic pulses which are triggered as the wheel rotates. Cable Length = 2m
M10x1 Temperature Sensor
A generic sensor used for measuring water or oil temperatures.
Cable Length = 3m

Power / RPM Lead
Power lead for connection to battery supply, plus direct connection to the rpm source.
Cable Length = 0.5m

1/8" NPT Oil Pressure Sender (0-10 Bar)
Allows continual measurement and logging of engine oil pressure with switch. Can be used with configurable alarms.
Cable Length = 3m
Manual Lap Timer Push Button
Push button switch and cable assembly for manual start / stop timing. Useful for hillclimbs, sprints, etc.
Extension Cable 3 Way or 4 Way
A generic extension cable that allows longer cable runs. Cable Lengths Available: 1, 2, or 3 meters
RR Video Software
Allows creation of video using your own video camera(s) with ability L-Sys data overlays and GPS track mapping option. We think you will love this software!